It's only been one week of summer and I'm ready for a break. Typically you think of summer and a nice break to the hectic schedules of the school year. I think it's pretty much been established that we're not a typical family so summer means crazy times.

Last week we had 6 baseball games, 2 baseball practices, summer track workouts for all three kiddos, and a really fun, awesome week-long experience for the boys to participate in the FCA Victory Bowl. So basically the boys left each day about 6:30 a.m. and didn't get home until about 10:30 each night. They were absolutely exhausted. Especially the biggest boy.

The Victory Bowl was put together by FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). It's basically an all-star showcase for graduating seniors. It is a big honor to be selected to play. And to coach, too. They have practices, speakers, devotionals, dinners, a pancake-eating contest, service projects and fellowship. Cooper and Campbell got to be there all week, handing out water, doing chores, setting up practice fields, and basically just hanging out with the big boys who were really just awesome to them.

The game is a pretty big deal around here and is televised locally. The boys were really pumped about getting to play at Floyd Casey Stadium, the home of the Baylor Bears! Campbell was the ball boy and was really excited because on Friday nights he hasn't yet gotten the call downstairs. Coach Seward asked Cooper to signal in the plays. How cool is that?

The Red Team has never lost so there is a lot of pressure to keep up that tradition. The game was really close and came down to the last minute. Literally. We caught an interception on the 5 yard line to basically end the game, ensuring a Red Team victory. It was exciting for sure.

Like I said before, Campbell hasn't gotten to be on the field on Friday nights yet. He's had plenty of JV game time but hasn't been called up to the big leagues yet so being on the field for this game was super-awesome for him. The one thing about the boys is that they study football. Just about all they do is draw up football plays and talk to each other about different formations. It's kinda exhausting to be honest. Bottom line, they know a lot about football. So when the Blue team was kicking off to us with just about 2 minutes left, Campbell ran out into the huddle with the warning "Guys, they are going to do an on-side kick."Hilarious. Super-hilarious. Well, it's super-hilarious now but the coaches really didn't see it as so hilarious in the heat of the moment. Now it's something the coaches, and players!, will probably never forget. Good times.

I'm definitely a reluctant coaches wife but when my kids get these really incredible opportunities I'm so, so thankful. I'll add this to my list of the only good things about having a husband who is a coach:

  1. Free ice. (crushed ice people!!!!) 
  2. All the girls want to babysit for us (little do they know...)
  3. and just added...Incredible opportunities for my kids (in the future I might just make this number 1)

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  1. free ice ain't nothing to scoff at. I getcha.

    I also love that the perks are in order of priority.