puppies beaucoup!

Summer has been a whirwind. Baseball, track meets, vacation, etc. etc. It's hard to believe that school starts in less than a week. But SOME of us are happy for getting back to a regular routine...and bedtime (ahem).

The most exciting news is that our sweet, sweet dog had puppies a couple days ago!! Nine puppies to be exact. Goldendoodles! However we seem to be not so much golden but the unique black velvet color. Hooray!

So Saturday morning at the crack of 5:30 we hear a yelp and rushed into action! Chloe was there from the first minute. What a really neat experience to share with her. By the time the last puppy was born (5 hours later) we were all worn out!

They are such whiny babies. It is so funny just how LOUD a bunch of hours-old pups can be. We are having so much fun with them. Honey is such a great mom. Just two days before they made their debut, Honey wouldn't put any pressure on her front foot and was hopping around on three legs. Poor baby. Turns out somehow she broke her foot. 

But the vet told us that once the puppies were born that she would forget all about her poor foot. And, sure enough they are right! When she gets up to eat or go outside she runs out and then rushes back in as fast as she can to get back to her babies. Such a good mama!

Now to just come up with nine names...Velvet, Coco, Kohl, Steele, Jet, Onyx...what else would fit a matched set of nine black puppies (five girls, four boys)?? Suggestions appreciated! 

They are the most precious, precious creatures. What a reminder of just what a real miracle life is and how blessed we are!

Puppy love!

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  1. SO SWEET. OMG, I want them all. and honey is so gorge!