fun times twelve

Memorial Day weekend went by in a blur.

With baseball, birthdays and a going away fiesta for a dear friend it was a busy weekend.

First of all this cutie lost her front tooth. As if she could get any more adorbs. (I'm her mom, I can talk like that!)

This tooth has been loose for.ev.er. Finally the night before she was determined to make it happen. Finally an hour past her bedtime I made her go to bed. I was actually worried might just fall out in her sleep because that tooth was just hanging on!

That tooth even made it through school all day! But leave it to a bunch of coaches, after school that baby came out!

And, Chloe was ectastic that the Tooth Fairy paid a visit. Finally!

Saturday we celebrated Coop's birthday all day! Twelve. Wow. I've always said that until you have children you really don't realize just how precious and quickly time goes by. He's about to be in seventh grade. That means playing football. Man, I remember being in seventh grade like it was yesterday! Next thing I know he will be driving and it's all too much.

We had a really fun day, heading to a local old-fashioned goodness hamburger joint for lunch complete with giant birthday sundaes! Health Camp is a fun, old-fashioned hamburger joint. Nothing there is healthy so don't let the name fool ya! We were laughing because we heard someone ordering and ask for a whole wheat bun. Sorry dude, you're in the wrong place.

Later that afternoon we headed to Eddy, TX to continue the birthday celebration....swimming, catfish fry and a special surprise from Pops.

I don't know who introduced who to the unimaginable, red-neck wierdness of Duck Dynasty but anytime the boys (well, let's be honest, even Chloe watches this crap and can recite entire episodes verbatim) go to Mimi and Pops' they looove to watch it. Most recently they watched this episode about eating frog legs. They talk about it all the time. Well, good ol' Pops happened to find some frog legs for Coop's birthday soiree and it was a big hit. I mean it was fun and all but I don't think anyone/kids really LIKED eating the frog legs ("they taste like chicken") but it sure made the boys' night. Even the brown-bag wrapping was indicative of the awesomeness of Duck Dynasty.

My mom and dad have some land and they have worked really, really hard clearing some of the woods and have a firepit and cook-out area by the creek. It was a nice night and we had a really fun time all just hanging out together.

Chloe has been loving Dancing with the Stars. At least it's a lot more palatable than DD. All she wanted to do was dance down by the campfire. Everyone got in to dancing mood and it was a lot of fun.

My mom even started to teach the boys how to two-step. It was so cute. But mostly Chloe wanted Todd to lift her up "like they do on the show" and twirl her around. I'm pretty sure he got a good workout in with all that!

We ended the night with Cooper's traditional birthday cake, a humongous Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cake. Not an Oreo fan myself, this cake is actually pretty awesome. How can you go wrong with cream cheese and Cool Whip mixed together?

Sunday the boys drove to Bellville to pick up Coop's birthday present, a full-on weight bench. Thanks Coach Rowe! We cleaned/organized the shed so it's now a semi- home gym. Pretty cool. He can crank the jams almost as loud as he wants now!

borrowed from BaylorMegs Instagram
Sunday was a one more, final goodbye fiesta for a dear co-worker and friend. She's heading to Vanderbilt to pursue a fab life as an event planner and to be with her long-distance love. To say that we will miss her is an understatement. Her office was right next to mine and we would just talk all day long. We became fast friends and I actually looked forward to going to work each day just because it was so much fun. We had many fun, quirky/snarky routines: creating hashtags, junking during lunch adventures, airmail messages, a love for Mr. Snow sno-cones and general work gripe sessions. She leaves on Wednesday. So not looking forward to goodbye. But it's really not so much goodbye as "see ya later". And even harder is that Chloe simply adores/worships/idolizes BaylorMegs. She is definitely going to be a sad little chica without her dose of Megan. A trip to Nashville is definitely in my future.

borrowed again, BaylorMegs
Of course no fiesta is really a fiesta without my new fave concotion: the Beer-Rita. It's this super-delicious mixture of 1) limeade; 2) a can of beer; 3) tequila; 4) ice. Simple as that. The best part is that when you blend it up the beer gets all frothy and it just adds this greatness to the whole thing. Delish!

Monday, Memorial Day, was a day for relaxing and doing nothing. We were pretty much wiped out from all the weekend fun. I wanted to share some of my fun patriotic decorations but that will have to be another time!

Beaucoup blessings!




So, today we had an impromptu "communications meeting" at our favorite junk store, Laverty's. We were driving around downtown scouting out some locations for a photo shoot and I just happened to see that there were a lot of cars in the parking lot there. See, they aren't open on a regular basis and they basically just announce on Facebook when they will be open. We had all thought there were supposed to open tomorrow so it was a surprise when we did a quick 180 to see what was going on! We got there about 10 minutes before they opened and there was a line of about 20 people already gathering to bust down the doors!

There is such a wierd mix of junk there...from cool (and sometimes not-so-cool) furniture to industrial-ish items to kitchen stuff. Today they had this really cool display of vintage street signs hanging from the ceiling. I loved it.

This time I only walked out with a cool arrow sign and a small, vintage school chair that I'll probably use for some photo shoots or to display things. In the past I've bought things like scrabble tiles, a coffee table, ironstone, soda crates...

I spotted an old French-English dictionary and took this pic to commemorate the birth of my new blog! I've been thinking for months, literally, for a name for my blog and it just hit me one day: McCauley Beaucoup. It's like all McCauley's all the time! McCauley overload. McCauley's to the max!

I don't know what my real plans are for this blog but mostly to share pictures and fun things with family and friends. And God only knows just what crazy, fun, hilarious things those kids of mine are up to!

Tonight we have a baseball game. I love baseball! Can't wait!

Until next time...JKL.




This little song/video has gone VIRAL with my work possee. One day a while back while at baseball practice Chloe grabbed my phone and wanted to watch videos. I thought "she'll like this because it has Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber in it" so I turned it on for her. Little did I know that this song would become her life.

That night she HAD to make her own video. Being the Dance Mom (another story/another time) I am, obliged. The best part is that an unsuspecting big brother just happens to walk by and just jump in the video as if it was planned.

All this results in total awesomeness. Sorry for the total UNawesomeness on the video producers part. Just turn your head to the side and deal. It's worth it.
Where you think you're going baby? JK. Thanks for watching. Hope you don't think I'm crazy!


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