OK. I've said it before, I LOVE baseball. I especially love baseball when my kiddos are playing.

This past year we moved to a new city only about 20 miles from where we were before. With that move came new schools, new neighbors, new friends and new teams, specifically baseball teams. Cooper had been with his baseball team for about five years. We loved our coach so much. He taught Cooper so much and was just a really super coach. We've been really lucky to have a really great team here in our new town, too. Thank goodness. We know what it's like to have not-so-good coaches unfortunately.

Last week we had to face our old team and we were nervous. I mean, of course we wanted to win but more importantly we wanted to play AWESOME. Now if you know me I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to baseball. And if Cooper is pitching, well then it borders on insane.

old picture from 2010
We started out really, really bad. Coop was on third and we ended up walking in seven runs to give the bad guys a one run lead at the end of the first. Ugh.

When Cooper jogged out to the pitchers mound I was kinda about to die. Would he do good? He hadn't thrown in a few weeks. Maybe he just needs to catch. Can he handle the pressure? OMG!! And to make it worse my husband wasn't there to calm me down/punch in the arm/hide my eyes.

And so it began. One down--strike out. Strike out number two but dropped third strike so batter advanced to first. Ugh. Next batter, strike out! Two down! Fourth verse same as the second...strike out slash dropped third strike. Next batter STRIKE OUT! I was freaking out! Five (technically!) strike outs in one inning! Woohoo!

Next inning he was on again. But this time three up, three down. All three strike outs. Incredible!

Finally in the last inning here we go again. One up. One strike out. Two up...strike out. At this point I was so nervous because I wanted this perfect (practically!) game for him so bad. So the third batter comes up and four pitches later. STRIKE OUT #11. Amazing. I was so, so proud. Couldn't believe it.

It was a perfect night. To have THAT kind of game against our old team was incredible. And, yes I couldn't stop smiling for days. Woohoo!

Fingers crossed for beaucoup games like this in the future!


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