playing catch up

decided it was high time to dust off the ol' blog. i mean i love reading blogs. man, i love reading blogs. so why can't i write one myself?

my "puppies" are now full-on humongous wooly mammoths!

we had to keep two puppies. which, really, is fine by me. it's FINE.

we love these guys so much. scout and chief. chief and scout.

it's football season again, y'all. so that means our thursday through saturdays are filled with football. i have a confession. until last year i didn't even like football. i mean, i loved some college football but nothing else really mattered and i'd honestly rather spend a friday night doing things that most cool people do on friday nights like go out with friends! but now that coop is playing it has changed everything. boy am i glad.

these are from the first game.

2 sacks by #50! woo hoo!

coach dad

getting coached up by your little bro. priceless.

todd and his team. love this.

one one more fun thing to share. pep rallies have become a BIG DEAL lately. last week was 80s theme. so fun. i had the most fun of all reminiscing and then showing the boys clips from the great movies of the 80s. so. much. fun.

coop ended up as joel from risky business. epic.

this is too good not to share. 

cam wasn't sure if he wanted to be a preppy prepster, then wasn't going to participate, then was going to be urban cowboy, which was pretty sweet. 

but the big belt buckle and belt were waaay to big so the whole get-up just wasn't working. so, working with what we had on hand, and a 9:30 p.m. trip to my parents house to get the hat, let me introduce elwood blue. on a mission from god.

todd was proud. eventhough he can't spell. but he was still proud.

both boys won spirit awards. so i was proud. yes, i'm a little competitive. next week super hero day.


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