The Time Has Come

Cooper has waited his. entire. life. for this day....his first football game. It's always been like the cruelest joke for the boys that their dad is a football coach yet he would not allow them to play pee-wee football. So, they've waited and waited and waited for THIS day!

I have to admit I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. Todd on the other hand was on edge just about all week! Coop was just plain out excited.

It was a misty/rainy day. My parents, who thankfully come to almost all the kids' games with me, wanted to sit way up at the top to get out of the rain but I toughed it out, sitting on the front row so I could get some pictures.

He did really, really good, making two goal-line tackles to deny the other team a touchdown! They even announced his name over the loudspeaker! It was a great day. I was so proud. And, I'm pretty sure that good, ol' nervous dad was pretty dang proud himself!

team captains


campbell was the waterboy and super excited for his brother!

pumped up waterboy!

nervous dad

relieved dad!

Oh yeah, we won! 38-20!

As any photo-loving mom would, I was dying to take some pictures of Todd and Coop after the game but he wouldn't have anything to do with that. Ugh. Maybe next time!

Go Bulldogs! We love #50!


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